We took diabetes education online with the Leicester Diabetes Centre and produced an all encompassing responsive elearning and health management platform.

DESMOND is a well establish face to face educational programme for people with type 2 diabetes, which has been successful throughout the UK. Our task was to take the DESMOND ethos and educational sessions and produce a digital version for patients who are unable to attend face to face groups or as an extra support tool for DESMOND programme graduates.

The solution was a bespoke platform encompassing self management tools to track health metrics, custom built authoring tools to produce interactive and responsive e-learning sessions and a management system behind the scenes for patient administration and reporting. It was developed with scalability in mind to allow multiple Trusts to access the system using a SASS model. The patient facing side is a Progressive Web App that works across different devices types and is installable on mobile device giving a native app like feel.

MyDESMOND has laid the foundations for a web based platform that is now used across the LDC’s digital programmes. It is now being used to run a number of web based programmes for patients which has been invaluable during the COVID pandemic. In November 2020 MyDESMOND was approved for the NHS Apps library.

MyDESMOND now has an international presence and has been rolled-out successfully in a number of other countries, most notably in Australia where is has been adopted by the NDSS (National Diabetes Services Scheme).

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Bespoke solution

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