Our Approach

Why choose us?

There is thought and logic behind everything we do. This means our sites look great as well as being functional and focussed on the user experience. No-one likes their journey through a site being impaired by disorganised content or confusing navigation.

Here are five reasons why we know you'll enjoy working with us:

  • We produce objective driven websites that focus on both you and your audiences' needs.
  • We are a small, enthusiastic team, meaning we are able to focus all our energy and talent on your project.
  • We offer the whole process of designing and developing a website in one place as well as being excellent collaborators with other creative companies.
  • Our honest approach allows us to listen to and engage with your ideas whilst sharing our knowledge with you to find the perfect solution. We're not "Yes Men" to the detriment of the project.
  • Our milestones mean you are always involved throughout the duration of the project lifecycle.

We offer...

  • User Interface
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile Web Apps
  • Information Architecture
  • Bespoke Content Management
  • Social Networking
  • E-learning

Our five step process

1. Planning

  • What's involved?

    To devise a great plan we need to understand your project and we need to understand you. This involves talking to you and getting a clear vision of your project and what you want to achieve. We'll work together to produce a clear and agreed plan to take the project forward. [ Expand ]

    • Project Enquiry Survey
      A great way to get the information we need from you in a logical manner is via our Project Enquiry Survey. It is a set of questions designed to give us all the information we need about your project and objectives to build a detailed project plan. If we need more information, we'll ask you!

    • Project plan
      Once we have gathered all the information we need and digested it we will produce a project plan outlining our proposed solution complete with costs and timeframe.

  • What to expect from us

    We will ask you probing questions to get all the information we need to produce the project plan.

  • What we expect from you

    We will ask you to take the time to fill in the Project Enquiry Survey in as much detail as possible so we can offer the most accurate project plan.

  • The outcome

    The chief outcome of this phase is a first-rate project plan that will lay solid foundations for the rest of the project journey.

  • Sign off

    When all parties are happy with the project plan they will formally sign off the Planning phase and move on to Information.

2. Information

  • What's involved?

    This phase is all about organising content into the sections that were mapped out during the planning. We'll work with you to gather all the text, pictures, videos, audio or any other content you have and apply these to the structure. By the end we should have a clear understanding of your content, where it will live and what it will say. [ Expand ]

    • Information Architecture
      As well as organising and structuring the content we also spend time deciding on the relationships between content and pages. Furthermore we follow the same process on an individual page process for each of the key pages or page types. This step takes the form of a set of wireframes.

    • Wireframes
      Before we dive into making your site look great we have to spend time planning out the page content and structure. To do this we work with you to develop wireframes that specify the elements that will be on the page, their relationship between each other and their relationship to other pages. We will implement this for each of the key pages and page types.

    • Copy Writing
      Not all copy is fit for the web. We'll work with you to make your content web friendly with an SEO focus, based on your target users.

  • What to expect from us

    We'll work with you on the Information Architecture and generate wireframes and a site map.

  • What we expect from you

    As much of your content as possible.

  • The outcome

    A clear site structure and a set of wireframes of the key pages and page types.

  • Sign off

    The information step will be signed off when all parties are happy with the IA and wireframes.

3. Design

  • What's involved?

    This is an exciting part of the project where we take the wireframes and turn them into fully polished, stunning designs. Hopefully we’ll get it right first time but if not we’ll work with you to develop the final designs. [ Expand ]

    • Mocks
      We'll have a clear idea of what you want from the planning and information phase so hopefully we’ll deliver something you like first time. That said we get exciting ideas as we develop and so could propose several mock-ups to you.

    • Key page first
      We like to start with the most important page. This is usually the home page but can vary between projects. When everyone is happy with this design we move forward with the supplementary pages using the key page as a style guide.

  • What to expect from us

    We'll work with you to generate a final set of designs

  • What we expect from you

    Your opinions!

  • The outcome

    A set of approved designs to turn into the finished website.

  • Sign off

    The design phase will be signed off when all parties are happy with the final designs.

4. Build

  • What's involved?

    This is when we turn the static designs into a fully functioning website. The actual implementation process will vary depending on the project but will usually involve integration with a CMS and database to drive the site's content. We test key components throughout the build to ensure the site is bug free before undergoing the formal quality assurance steps that provide the assurance that everything is ready to launch. [ Expand ]

    • CMS
      Almost every site will have a Content Management System to allow you to edit and expand your site. We have our own CMS that we can tailor to suit your particular need and we will walk you through site administration so you can be confident in maintaining your site's content.

    • Quality Assurance
      Before the launch stage we have to go through the quality assurance steps to ensure the site is ready to go live. This ranges from making sure the analytics package is installed to checking the site is fit for purpose in every one of the target browsers.

    • User Acceptance
      This involves running a pilot group of users through the site and monitoring their interactions. There is then a feedback survey that aims to uncover any interface issues before a full launch.

    • Final Review
      Once the site has passed through the QA phase you will have a final check through the site to make sure everyone is happy before launch.

  • What to expect from us

    The finished product.

  • What we expect from you

    To review the site at key points in a timely manner.

  • The outcome

    The finished site ready for launch.

  • Sign off

    Once the site has been through the final review and all parties are happy the build phase will be signed off.

5. Launch & Manage

  • What's involved?

    It doesn’t stop at flicking the switch to live. It may be the end of the project but it is hopefully the start of a long lasting relationship. The key to great sites is to continue to monitor and improve them over time as your audience grows. [ Expand ]

    • Maintenance and support
      You'll be keeping the content up to date with the CMS but should you need help with the behind the scenes stuff such as backups, server maintenance or email administration, then we can assist you. Support contracts can be arranged at the start or the end of the project.

    • Post Launch Review
      We'll have a post launch review meeting with you after the site’s been live for a while to see how things are going. This is where we can analyse how the site is performing in relation to your business objectives and discuss possible expansions for the future if necessary.

  • What to expect from us

    A post launch review after a month or so to analyse the site's performance in relation to your business objectives.

  • What we expect from you

    Sit back and relax!

  • The outcome

    A live site to be proud of that is hitting your business objectives.

  • Sign off

    The launch and expand phase will be signed off after the post launch review meeting.

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